My coaching experience

  • I wanted to lose weight and adapt a healthy lifestyle
  • I wanted to make better use of my time so I was enjoying myself.
  • I wanted to improve connectivity with my husband.

My problems were affecting me in every way.  I was miserable and frustrated, and starting to feel helpless.  I had drafted many plans, charts and tracking systems to manage my time, but never followed through.  I read numerous books and I talked with my girlfriends.  After several years, I realized that I need a third party neutral accountability system.

Multiple failures and not making any progress, over a few years, made me realize that engaging with a coach would be a positive action to achieve my goals and overcome my challenges.

Having to respond on a weekly basis my progress.  This keeps me on track as I have to report to someone other than myself.  It is really hard to do these reports when I have not followed through on what actions I committed to myself.  Rather than just burying it and not facing it, I now have to actively respond to my actions, inactions and reflect on why I did not say I was going to do.  I appreciate the positive feedback I receive and messages of renewal to keep going, and not to be so hard on myself.  This helps me pick myself up and continue on, realizing it is a long journey and not a sprint.

First I came to the realization that my weight issues and poor time management (ie too much time on the internet) are more tied to my poor stress management skills, and by dealing with managing my stress, I have a better chance of reaching my goals.  I have maintained good eating program for five days in a row, which is a huge success in itself.  I have a record written record of my journey so far which I can refer to.  I hope to reread these in the future and see how far I have come.  (not there yet).  I have changed my attitude towards my marriage and remove negative thoughts when they enter my mind.