Building Your Separation Agreement Tool Kit




How it Works:

A Divorce Coach is an alternative way to resolve problems in high conflict situations. Similar to mediation, I work with you and/or your former partner to understand your needs and help you problem solve when you find it difficult to agree. We continue to reach a workable solution that you both can accept and feel is fair.

I will work with you together and separately to ensure you are fully prepared to submit your agreement to the lawyer. This procedure will help you and your children build a foundation to avoid future pitfalls. 

Part of the process will involve: 

• creating a parenting plan
• work on conflict resolution and problem solving 
• work on when the hostility between the parents remains high
• work on the the challenges  of information that are not being shared regarding their child(ren)

The statistics to file for Divorce in Canada is as follows: 

According to Canadian Lawyer's 2011 legal fees survey, the cost of an uncontested divorce ranges from $1,006 to $2,547, with the average being $1,353. A contested divorce, meanwhile, can cost anywhere from $7,208 to $74,122, with the average cost being $12,875.Oct 7, 2013

It is important to invest the time to prepare for a divorce by building your separation agreement and create a foundation to prepare for your future and your children's future. 

Estimated Fee: 

Cost: $1,200.00 includes 6 hour preparation time  and 4 coaching sessions (Note: price is subject to change depending on the details of the agreement and or coaching sessions.)

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Separation Agreement Tool Kit: 







Thank you Patricia for your guidance and support!

When I first contacted Patricia, I told her I was lost and stuck. I had been separated for some time, didn’t have my children with me some weeks and didn’t know what to do with my life.

I didn’t know where and how to start living my new life.  All I knew is that I needed to do something, but what?

I started the coaching sessions with Patricia and now thanks to her helping in discovering myself, I can honestly say I learned to recognize what I needed to do to heal and forgive. Her guidance helped for all the puzzle pieces to fall into place.

You know the phrase “I once was lost but now I am found” that is the journey I had to take, in order to find the woman that I have found in myself. I see life differently and for the first time in a long time, I love my life and most of all I love myself. This is hard to believe coming from someone who had given up everything.

Thanks to Patricia’s knowledge, I have learned to build better and stronger relationships with my loved ones and everyone around me.


  Complimentary Session

For further details book a 30 min session.