Focus Group




Focus Group:

As a member of a Focus Group "Staying Connected" you will have an opportunity to discuss your current situation, not feel alone, receive group support, make friends, problem solve, stress release, gain clarity, effective communication and so much more.
The Focus Group is private and confidential session are designed to help you get through a tough time in your life. It will help empower you, reduce stress and anxiety, and gain clarity to focus on your next steps.
This program includes the following: 
  • 2 hour support program
  • Monthly Sessions (2) 
  • group discussions 
  • educational
  • team building
  • friendships
  • group exercises
  • weekly topics and personal growth  


 NOTE: session will start in Sept after the course. Keep checking the site for further details 




Sign up today by contacting 
Patricia 416-312-6983
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  Complimentary Session

For further details book a 30 min session.