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Customer Service
Thank you again for helping me with my application 
It was such a relief to have that part done and fingers crossed it’s all good 
You went above and beyond what you had to do for a complete stranger And you will never know how much I appreciate that gesture 
I can see how many young women you will be helping and how much better their lives will be after meeting you!!
Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Course

I really enjoyed this course. It was good to know how everybody is handling their challenges. It was very productive to know how to overcome problems. Thanks Patricia. You are an amazing person who helped us to have friendly conversation in a very good atmosphere. 

I wish you all the best for upcoming courses.




 Testimonial Client Coaching Session:

My experience with Patricia has been invaluable!  As a seasoned coach, she has provided me with the right emotional tools and advice that has helped me gain awareness and understand to my problem that no other coach was able to do for me! 

I am very grateful for having learned from you, Patricia.  Thank you!



Testimonial Client Coaching Session:

Thank you Patricia for your guidance and support!

When I first contacted Patricia, I told her I was lost and stuck. I had been separated for some time, didn’t have my children with me some weeks and didn’t know what to do with my life.

I didn’t know where and how to start living my new life.  All I knew is that I needed to do something, but what?

I started the coaching sessions with Patricia and now thanks to her helping in discovering myself, I can honestly say I learned to recognize what I needed to do to heal and forgive. Her guidance helped for all the puzzle pieces to fall into place.

You know the phrase “I once was lost but now I am found” that is the journey I had to take, in order to find the woman that I have found in myself. I see life differently and for the first time in a long time, I love my life and most of all I love myself. This is hard to believe coming from someone who had given up everything.

Thanks to Patricia’s knowledge, I have learned to build better and stronger relationships with my loved ones and everyone around me.




Testimonial Client Coaching and Mentor Session:


My name is Rahel  Appiagyei-David and I received  support from Patricia Lavigne as a coach and a mentor. She has been supportive and encouraging above and beyond words. Patricia has been able to observe and identify my skills and abilities so that I can build on and grow in those areas. I appreciate how structured and organized Patricia was, as I function and learn best when there is structure.

With Patricia's help, I was able to create plans and strategies for my personal and business development.  With these plans, I am now able to move forward and     closer to accomplishing my goals.

What stood out to me the most was how observant and genuine Patricia was. She has the gift of encouraging and is not afraid to give you the push you need to steer you in the right direction. Patricia does this while keeping your abilities, personality and skills in mind.  She was able to help me identify my strengths and was dedicated to support me in developing a plan to take me to the next level.

It was a privilege being partnered with Patricia on my journey. If you are looking to move forward with a knowledgeable coach and   encouragement at your side, I recommend Patricia Lavigne.                                                                   



Testimonial Social Group

I first met Patricia Lavigne at one of her meetup group sessions 3 years ago. I was recently divorced and was needy, both emotionally and socially. Patricia is one of those rare individuals who possesses the right balance of --friendly, sensitive, good head on her shoulders, and has an innate sense of direction. She was quickly able to incorporate me, with all of my needs into the social setting of her group, where I today, still feel extremely comfortable and welcome.

Patricia's meetup group event choices were always inviting, stimulating and fun filled. Patricia hosted and instructed divorced and widowed individuals in her frequent social learning sessions where we left with informative skills and many new friends.

Patricia's other meetup events always provided her members with numerous challenging ways to interact with each other--volleyball, bowling, picnics, karaoke, social dancing, book club, just to name a few, Cudoos to you Patricia and many many thanks,

Kathy Neralich 


My coaching experience

  • I wanted to lose weight and adapt a healthy lifestyle 
  • I wanted to make better use of my time so I was enjoying myself
  •  I wanted to improve connectivity with my husband.

My problems were affecting me in every way.  I was miserable and frustrated, and starting to feel helpless.  I had drafted many plans, charts and tracking systems to manage my time, but never followed through.  I read numerous books and I talked with my girlfriends.  After several years, I realized that I need a third party neutral accountability system.

Multiple failures and not making any progress, over a few years, made me realize that engaging with a coach would be a positive action to achieve my goals and overcome my challenges.

Having to respond on a weekly basis my progress.  This keeps me on track as I have to report to someone other than myself.  It is really hard to do these reports when I have not followed through on what actions I committed to myself.  Rather than just burying it and not facing it, I now have to actively respond to my actions, inactions and reflect on why I did not say I was going to do.  I appreciate the positive feedback I receive and messages of renewal to keep going, and not to be so hard on myself.  This helps me pick myself up and continue on, realizing it is a long journey and not a sprint.

First I came to the realization that my weight issues and poor time management (ie too much time on the internet) are more tied to my poor stress management skills, and by dealing with managing my stress, I have a better chance of reaching my goals.  I have maintained good eating program for five days in a row, which is a huge success in itself.  I have a record written record of my journey so far which I can refer to.  I hope to reread these in the future and see how far I have come.  (not there yet).  I have changed my attitude towards my marriage and remove negative thoughts when they enter my mind. Gayle Laws April 2016 



June 16, 2014

Course Testimonial - Parenting

This is my second course with Patricia. She has vast experience with family matters, extensive knowledge in family dynamics, experience with problem solving skills and impeccable knowledge on single parenting. Patricia also collaborates with other professionals in our community. She demonstrates her desire to assist individuals in their journey. - P.


Course Testimonial - Parenting

Major life changes are the most difficult to process when wading through the emotional upheaval that accompanies them. I have been in many programs, classes and self improvement initiatives as I traverse an unstable and altering moment in my life, and I can say that I have never been better served and had hope instilled in me as I have after having participating in a program taught by Patricia, “Coach” as she likes to be called. I was able to feel confident and comfortable in opening up, sharing and self evaluating my issues/problems with the confidence of tackling them and staring the process of correcting them. Patricia lends her experiences, her zest for life and her candour about still working and fixing her issues, gave me the drive and will to fix mine. I don’t think I have found any person as sincere and truly invested in helping people with out a hidden agenda as I have with Patricia; she truly cares, and has sparked the small flame inside of myself to not only help myself, but hopefully help others. You will meet many people throughout your life that will leave an indeminable mark, Patricia will be one of those people. -Fernando


Thank-you Patricia for a very informative, fun, relaxing and being our coach to help us make changes in our personal growth. Your goal to have these workshops will not only result in a personal rewarding satisfaction on your behalf but as well you will lead a path to help us find ourselves so that we may have good health,happiness and peace. - Toni


Patricia was extremely helpful in the transition with all the requirements by the GTAA to operate. Patricia was able to assist me and my employees with the required passes and courses to be attended or taken online. Patricia answered all questions in a professional and thoroughly manner. I would highly recommend Patricia to any individual or company requiring information as to the procedure and requirements to operate in GTAA. - Brad



 Met some wonderful people and had a great time . Patricia is an amazing person and hostess. She is so friendly and warm and makes everyone feel welcome. 

Mona on Apr 27, 2013.


Thank you for your time and energy Patricia. These evenings provide not only a great chance for learning, a chance to meet new people, but also a chance to get away from the things we do in our everyday lives. It not only is fun, but informative, through the information you provide and the thoughts we share together. GO GIRL! - Elizabeth

Thank-you Patricia and all of the ladies that attended last night's discussion for helping me come to realization with myself to overcome the negative thinking and speaking, to not live in fear, doubt or guilt but to surround myself amongst positive energy at all times , be a fighter and most of all love myself, l come first. What a wake-up call it was for us all, very grateful to be with all of you, ciao ...until next time. – Toni


Excellent concept and activity. The chance to learn something new is great, and then to discuss what you learned and then discuss how it affects your life is an added bonus. – Kathy


Thanks Patricia, this opportunity was much needed for the women in the group. It is very informative and the time spent together is well worth coming out for. – Elizabeth


 Patricia's events always give you the opportunity to meet wonderful people and a chance for lasting friendships. 

Robin on Nov 18, 2012.


 What a wonderful bunch of people. Everyone is really nice and friendly. It's very easy to make new friends. The members of this group really make you feel welcome right from the start. A lot of the credit goes, of course, to the host and organizer of this group. Excellent job, Patricia! 

Markus on Sep 24, 2011.



 I really enjoy this group, the organzier (Patricia), the members (diverse) and the events (frequent and varied). I look forward to attending more of events. 

Jacquie on Sep 17, 2011.


 Patricia is a very enthusiastic organizer with loads of activities. I look forward to going to events that are coming up. 

James Morrill on Sep 12, 2011.


 I think its fantastic and Patricia is extremely pleasant, friendly and full of energy. I love this group because it is a west end group and makes life easy to attend. Looking forward to more events. 

Lulu on Apr 3, 2011.


 Hi All, what a great bunch of people last night at the dance! What creative dancing too! I loved it, and it was so nice to see everyone so ready to have a great time, and let their hair down, even the one guy with short hair! Patricia, thanks for arranging it. It sure met my needs of de-stressing and relaxing for a full evening of FUN, FUN, FUN! Let's do it again on April 09th- and bring some friends too! 

Rosa Lokaisingh on Mar 13, 2011.


 Thank you, Patricia, for making this group so special. It is always a treat to bask in the warmth and friendliness that emanates from you personally and touches on all of us in the group bringing out the best in everyone. 

Anna on Mar 18, 2012.


 I enjoy everybody, and Patricia you are a good leader in this group . Thank you for the cake 

charlene on Oct 26, 2012.



 This meetup was fantastic. It had a variety of businesses and I learned from each member. Patricia, you always do such an amazing job! Thank you!! 

Edit Farun on Dec 6, 2012.



 I really enjoy this group. The laid back atmosphere really makes it a joy. No pressure just great social interaction. Thanks Patricia 

Glen on Jan 13, 2013.




 The name of the group sets the tone to meet friendly people and greet wonderful people. And it is living up to its expectation ( as far as I am concern). In fact, the founder, Patricia, showed enough enthusiasm by hugging me the first time we met. By and large, I have a very good impression about Meet-N-Greet. 

William A on Jun 26, 2013.