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I was doomed from my childhood as my parents split up when I was four. Growing up with the wicked stepmother syndrome. I left home at an early age. Growing up fast was not an option. By being surrounded by an abusive and negative upbringing it was best for me to leave home at an early age and be on my own.

I needed to figure out what life was all about and what I wanted in life, but it wasn’t easy. After two marriage breakdowns my life was not going in the the right direction. I needed to get my life in order. I knew nothing about finding true love because being raised in a non-loving home didn’t offer any guidance. I felt I was going to be single forever.

So I devoted my life to my kids which gave me an opportunity to realign my life and set my priorities. There were allot of challenges being a single mom, but there was also alot of joy and fulfillment in raising my two children.

I started to build my career in the corporate world. I was given wonderful opportunities to build my knowledge, experience and growth. I worked in various departments such as Airline Scheduling, Slot Coordination,Airside Safety & Security, Airport Training and Development and Pass Permit Control Office.

In addition, I was able to get involved in Public Speaking, Developing and Designing several courses, workshops and training modules. During that time, I discovered my passion in life.

That was the beginning of my life, to start helping people. I saw many people transform their lives and make positive changes. Seeing the results gave me such a high on life that I knew it was my calling. I was hooked and nothing was going to stop me from moving forward.

In order to take my passion further, I started getting involved with non-profit organizations such as President for Parents without Partners, Newsletter Director and Moderator. I was on the Board of Directors, overseeing 18 board members. We built the chapter to it's fullest, running several events for parents and kids. Great experience and memories I will always cherish.

There is nothing in the world that can explain how it feels when you see someone that is facing a difficult situation in their life and you come along and offer them an opportunity to make changes and create a positive lifestyle. I have changed, brought fulfillment and happiness in so many people’s lives that brings happiness to my heart.

But my offerings didn’t stop there, it was time to make another change in my life. My children were growing up and the big city was not a place to raise kids. I decided to move to the suburbs. It was difficult to adjust because it was a lifestyle change.

Once again, I decided to get involved in the community. I needed to get my energy pill by making a difference in someone’s life.  

That is when I joined Family Education Centre and started facilitating, developed and presented courses, workshops for parents as a Parent Educator. I was able to continue to grow and have the tools to be the best parent I could be and continue to offer guidance to other parents with kids. 

But that wasn’t enough. The passion to help people was so strong nothing was going to stop me from continuing to grow. That is when I decided to get my certification as a Professional Coach, another achievement in setting my goals. My skills were growing in training, facilitating, program development,parenting, coaching and helping the community.

You would think that was enough fulfillment in my life. NO! I was getting hungry for more. It was time to put my coaching skills into place. I decided to run a social group called Making-Changes through a site called Meetup.

Once again, doing what I love to do. I started organizing events. I was the first Mississauga meetup group. I ran several events such as workshops, discussion groups, coffee nights, card night, bowling, dances, volleyball every event possible to run an effective group. It grew so fast I had over 1000 members in less than a year.

People were starving for a social outlet. Members would say thank you for helping me get through a tough time in my life. If it wasn’t for this group I don’t know what I would of done. I had members from Parents without Partners hear about the group and come out out and join my meetup group. The feeling was great! Seeing the transformation of people moving forward continued to feed my habit.

After 3 years I decided it was time to stop running the group. You probably are saying WHAT!!!!. It was the hardest decision, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get my mojo anymore. But I believe in order to keep growing you have to make changes in your life.

Although, there was another reason. My son was struggling after a breakup of a 4 year relationship with his girlfriend. I started to blame myself because I felt my children didn’t get a fair chance in seeing how a true relationship should really be since his father and I divorced. It was devastating to see the pain in his heart that he was going through. As time progressed he eventually got over her but it wasn’t easy. I continued to feel guilty. Then a second blow came along and my daughter. She met a guy as well. Another situation of heartbreak. It continued to tear me apart inside to think is this my fault. I did all the right things to try to be the best parent but forgot to teach them about love and romance or dating or meeting that right person.

Because of my experience with my kids, Once again, I knew I had to make changes in my life to continue to grow and learn from my choices and experiences. That is when I decided to join Relationship Coaching Institute.  I locked myself in my studies and learn everything about relationships. Why Relationship Coach you say. Well in order to help someone through a separation or divorce what better tools to have is to figure out how a relationship works and going through a divorce myself gave me a wide range of knowledge. 

From leaving home at a young age, being a single mom, trainer, public speaker, parent educator, working with parents, running a social group and becoming a certified coach I knew I had all the tools and resources to start my own business. So I started to set my goal and run my own business. 

As your Coach whether you are going through a Divorce, Separation , Breakup or Life Struggles I want to be able to help my clients throughout their lifetime so they don't have to feel alone. That is why I offer a monthly social event to stay connected. 

People say life is a journey. I believe we have life experiences and need to learn from them. There comes a time in your life when you need to take responsibility and not blame your past or choices you made or people for your behavior.

  • I believe there is always a workable solution to every problem
  • Don’t depend on anyone to create happiness in your life
  • Take ownership
  • Be accountable for your actions
  • Never give up

Believe in yourself, if you want something bad enough anything is achievable. 

Helping people is my passion not my profession.



  Complimentary Session

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Farhat Asif 

I really enjoyed this meeting. It was good to know how everybody is handling their challenges. It was very productive to know how to overcome problems.

Thanks Patricia. You are an amazing person who helped us to have friendly conversation in a very good atmosphere.

Love you all and all the best for your life and challenges.




Tina McQuaid


"After co-hosting an event with Patricia recently, I have to say that she is the consummate professional and is able to actively engage with her workshop guests in a fun and interesting way that matters.

I highly recommend her Positive lifestyle workshops!"




Dear Patricia,

Thank you for your time & efforts!

You have helped create tens of friendships throughout those years!

All the best on your endeveor of coaching! I am confident you will do a great job!



Patricia has a natural openness and sense of empathy that puts people at ease. Her personal experience is an invaluable asset in helping others reach insightful ah ha moments about their own relationship conflicts. She taught me effective strategies to let my negative emotions go and invite positive communication in, with the goal of always putting the emotional health of my children first. Patricia is an amazing coach; when it seems like things are hopelessly chaotic she will inspire you to use your sense of control and strength.

Thank-you Patricia for inspiring me and for your support!

Christine Hammond