Founder: 2012

Owner: Patricia Lavigne

Certifications:  Certified Professional Coach,  Singles and Relationship Coach, Certified Event Planner

Areas of Expertise:  Separation and Divorce Coach, Singles Coach, Relationship Coach, Public Speaking, Event Planner, Program & Development, Train-the-Trainer, Trainer, Public Speaker, Developing and Design of Training Programs.Team Building, Problem Solving and Effective Communication

Personal Background:

Patricia is passionate about helping people work through the EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION and achieve a happier and healthy lifestyle.

She understands the difficulties in going through a divorce, because she has been through her own struggles of being a single mom raising two kids and dealing with the aftermath of a divorce. 

Having presented several courses pertaining to Separation and Divorce she has heard and seen the painful process that others go through. That is what inspired Patricia to help others avoid the struggles and share her experience with others.

Although Patricia Lavigne works out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, she is happy to help clients in the surrounding areas or online.   


Professional Background:

Patricia offers over 31 years of knowledge and experience in the corporate industry. Her opportunity to work in various areas such as, IT Entry Clerk, Airside Safety Officer, Scheduling Coordinator, Slot Reservations, Superintendent Training and Development, Supervisor Pass & Permits and more has developed a large scale of knowledge and offers a wide range of experience. Working with internal and external agencies offers a great deal of customer service experience.

As a Professional Coach, she offers allot of experience, value, insightful, strategic, and results-oriented coaching which helps clients achieve breakthrough results on short-term goals while simultaneously creating fundamental shifts that build a strong foundation for ongoing success and fulfillment, personally and professionally. As you can identify, she offer a diversity of knowledge and experience.

As a Public Speaker, she presented thousands of hours of courses and workshops to organizations throughout the Airport Industry and Peel Region.

As a Parent Educator, she has developed PowerPoint presentations, designed several programs, courses and workshops for parents in the Region of Peel such as Improving Your Communication Skills, Steps on How to Resolve Conflicts, Method on Problem Solving, Self-Development, Meeting your Personal Goals, Cooperative Parenting and Divorce, Anger Management, Single Parenting, Kids & Stress, Parenting Teenagers & Problem Solving.

As a Corporate Develop & Design of Training Programs, she has developed and designed several training programs, training modules and the development of training database. Including the development of several training presentations in PowerPoint for the airport community. In addition, she also develop and designed and presented courses such as Safety and Security training, Security Awareness, Security Awareness training , Threat Risk Assessment.  In addition build a program Train-the-Trainer regarding safety and security for over several organizations throughout the airport community.

As a Certified Event Planner and Organizer, she ran a social group of over 1000 members and offered several events such as workshops, discussion groups, parties, dinners, volleyball, coffee night, book club and more.

Giving Back

As a Volunteer, she is a strong supporter and believer in giving back to the community. She has volunteered for non-profit organizations for over 15 years and volunteered on the Board of Directors as the President, Moderator, Newsletter Director, Parent Educator, Facilitator, Organizer and more. Much of her time was offered to various organizations such as Family Education Centre, Region of Peel (associated with Daycare Center, Vita Centre, Salvation Army and Angela's Center), Parents without Partners, Meetup Social Groups.






My personal leadership philosophy is “making a difference” – by doing what you believe in.







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