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- Life After Divorce Course

The course is designed to help people get their life back on track after a divorce. During the breakup people are fighting the battle of divorce, support, child custody etc. they get so wrapped up in the legal battle they forget about themselves. When all the legal part is over they are feeling alone and have no one to reach out to because their lifestyle has changed, they lost most of their friends, families don't want to hear about their problems anymore, they have nowhere to turn or feel alone.

My course will help them get through the grieving process, communicate effectively, problem solve, work through your fears, deal with family matters and so much more. In addition, you will have an option to join my focus group to continue to move forward and stay connected by joining my monthly social event, private Facebook page, private community and receive my monthly newsletter. I don't just Coach people I give them an opportunity to 'JOIN A COMMUNITY' and start living again.

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